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What is the Dual Admission program?
The Dual Admission Program is a pathway and an opportunity for your four-year degree. You are invited to complete your first two years of college by earning Associate in Arts degree (AA) at one of the participating colleges of your choice.  If you earn the AA within a 3-year timeframe, you will be provided automatic admission into FIU for completion of your last years of classes for a Bachelor’s degree from FIU.

What are the benefits of the Dual Admission program?

    • A guaranteed next step to FIU.  Provided you complete the AA degree in 3 years, you will already know where your next step will be to obtain your four-year degree.
    • Bridge advisors dedicated to our Dual Admission students at two MDC campuses or you can call FIU and talk to an advisor before you transfer. Advisors are available to answer any questions you have about major requirements or the transfer process.
    • An accelerated transfer process.  Paperwork, transcripts, and coursework will be easily accessible and provided to FIU when you are ready to transfer.  When it’s time to transfer, you just visit our web site. No need to reapply to FIU.
    • Access to certain resources available to FIU students.  Your FIU Dual Admissions ID Card gives you access to campus events, athletic games, the library, the bookstore, and other social events.
    • Prepare Academically.  Many of our participating students say that this program allows them to academically prepare themselves for rigorous university classes. They felt ready to transfer after their success at one of the colleges.

Is the orientation session mandatory?
Yes. It is important that students attend the orientation session from the college that they choose in order to know their next steps. This important orientation will provide you and your family with information on financial aid, advising, registration, and student life at the partner college of your choice.

Do I have to attend the college in the county that I live in?
No. You may choose any of the four partner colleges.

After I accepted to be in the program, I changed my mind about the college I want to go to. May I update my college choice?
Yes. Please email for updates on your college selection.

What if I retest after being invited to the Dual Admission program?

Student wishing to opt out of the program and be reconsidered for admission will need to appeal the decision to the Faculty Committee on Student Admissions.

I am about to complete my AA degree. What are my next steps?
You will need to log in to your student portal, once you have completed 45+ credits. You can let us know that you will be transitioning by clicking on the Dual Admission Application form link. After completing this form you will need to send your most recent transcripts to FIU.

Do I need to apply again?
No. One of the benefits of participating in the Dual Admission program is that you do not have to submit another application. When you are ready to transition to FIU, you will need to log into your account and activate your application. 

What if I do not finish my AA degree within 3 years?
If you do not complete your AA within the 3 years, you will need to submit another admissions application.

Can I change my major once I go to FIU?
Yes. However, you are not guaranteed admission to limited access majors, including but not limited to Architecture and Nursing.

Can I transfer before I receive my Associate of Arts degree?
No. Once you have accepted participation in the Dual Admission program, you will need to complete your Associate of Arts degree before you transfer.

Will FIU accept my preparatory courses?
No, FIU will not accept preparatory (remedial) courses.