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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

Recruiter Bio

Caesar Ramos
Bio Questions/Answers


Hometown: Miami, Florida

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English

Years with Florida International University: Four years

  • What is your favorite aspect of Florida International University?
    • Community means everything to me. I’ve often heard “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, FIU is the perfect village to raise anyone. It has fostered and maintained amongst its students a sense of unity at multiple levels of the educational process. Be it in the classroom or in one of the multiple extracurricular involvements, the university strives to be inclusive on all fronts. No group is marginalized or ostracized, we’re all just one big happy, human, family.
  • What is your favorite spot on campus?
    • Easy. The Swings outside of GC are nice and relaxing on a hot summer day or with a nice nighttime breeze. A great place to congregate, study, and just get away. The foliage provides a nice atmosphere and cover from the sun.

  • What other admissions office programs are you involved in?
    • Currently I assist with Veteran students and act as a liaison between the Admissions office and the Veteran’s Affairs office.
  • If you were not an admission counselor, what would you be doing? Why?
    • Had I not gone into admissions I would most likely be pursuing a career in teaching. More specifically, I would be aiming at teaching English overseas or teaching English Literature at the university level.
  • Hobbies/Other Interests
    • I enjoy reading and writing poetry, video games, playing basketball and hanging out with coworkers and friends. I’m somewhat of a social butterfly.
  • Favorite Quote
    • Adults are just obsolete children.”- Dr. Seuss