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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

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Dillon Montes de Oca
Bio Questions/Answers


Hometown: Weston, Florida

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Years with Florida International University: Four years

  • What is your favorite aspect of Florida International University?
    • My favorite aspect of FIU is our Worlds Ahead initiative. As an undergraduate here at the university, I always sensed that the university wanted their students to succeed. Students are not just another number and they are given all the resources needed to succeed. If you want to become a future lawyer, there is a Law Mock Trial room which is perhaps one of my favorite study spots on campus. If you need a hospital room to perform unique procedures we have our STAR center with different robotics that can simulate what being a human being is like. Let’s not forget our Astro Science Center, Wall of Wind, and our world class faculty who made all of this possible. There are plenty of options for students who truly want to have a Worlds Ahead experience.
  • What is your favorite spot on campus?
    • My favorite spot on campus is the top floor of Parking Garage 5 at night. Not only do you get the best views of our university, but you get a great view of downtown. It is absolutely breathtaking and a sight that looks like it is out of a painting. 
  • If you were not an admission counselor, what would you be doing? Why?
    • If I was not an admissions counselor, I feel that I would be serving and assisting a political campaign. Politics is a part of my life and it has its positives and negatives. It is up to all of us to really see the good in the world and focus on how our government has an impact on our everyday lives.
  •  If you could go back to college, what major would you choose? Why?
    • If I could go back to college, which was not that long ago, I would be a Geoscience (Atmospheric Track) major because I have always been curious about weather. It is a passion I have had since I was a little boy, but I did not realize how much math went into being a Meteorologists.
  • Describe your perfect weekend in Miami.
    • My perfect weekend in Miami would involve attending as many sporting events as possible. Growing up in South Florida, Miami sports have always been and will continue to be part of my life. Not only am I a huge fan of our own sport teams here at Florida International University, but also different teams like the Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers, and the Miami Heat. You can catch me at a sporting event during my free time in Miami.
  • Favorite Quote
    • "A true hero is not measured by the size of his strength, but the strength of his heart.” – Zeus from Disney’s Hercules