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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

Recruiter Bio

Natalia Garcia


Hometown: Miami, FL

Alma Mater: Florida International University

Major: Psychology and Film Certificate

Favorite Place at FIU: The Kissing Bridge where you can feed turtles

Favorite thing about FIU: I love that FIU is close to home, the diversity and how much the university continues to grow.

Fun Fact: Since I’ve practiced martial arts most of my life, I competed in USA Karate Nationals in 2015.  FIU News picked up my story and wrote an article about me.

Advice for college-bound students: Pay close attention to admission requirements. Prepare early; do not procrastinate. Take the time to decide what you wish to study and plan ahead because life moves pretty fast and before you know it, your 4 years will be up and you will need to plan your next steps.   In the meantime, enjoy it while you can!