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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

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Natalia Garcia
Bio Questions/Answers


Hometown: Miami, Florida

Alma Mater: Florida International University

Years with Florida International University: Eighteen years

  • What is the best advice you can give to a student applying to college?
    • I highly encourage early preparation for the SAT and/or ACT. The earlier you start preparing, the more likely you are to obtain requisite scores. FIU superscores, this means you can take the exam(s) multiple times and we will create a composite from the highest scores from each subsection. While organizing your application materials, be sure to thoroughly research your institution of choice--follow admission requirements closely. If you can picture yourself at FIU and want to make it your second home--don't wait until the last minute, submit your application as soon as possible.
  • What is your favorite spot on campus?
    • My favorite spot has to be Chili’s Too. I love the food and I eat there for lunch often. Try the spinach queso dip - it is excellent!
  • Why should a student choose Florida International University?
    • In addition to having top-notch professors and being Miami’s first and only public research university, FIU is a place that encourages a lot of campus involvement and focuses on preparing students for their future careers. In addition to the variety of majors offered on campus there are also clubs and organizations for anyone who wishes to be involved and make lifelong friends. You get as much out of the college experience as you put in.
  • If you could go back to college, what major would you choose? Why?
    • I would love to eventually go back and get a master's degree in Higher Education Administration. I have been working in higher education for so long, I feel like it would suit me and my love for the collegiate environment.
  • Hobbies/Other Interests
    • Martial Arts, movies, reading and writing.
  • Favorite Quote:
    • Japanese proverb: Nanakorobi yaoki 
      Translation: Fall seven times and stand up eight.