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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

Recruiter Bio

Tiffany Hernandez


Hometown: Orlando, FL

Alma Mater: St. John’s University

Major: Legal Studies

Favorite Place at FIU: The fountain right outside of GC nice to sit and relax with friends.

Favorite thing about FIU: The students!!! We have students from all over the world who everyday take pride in their cultures and traditions and share that with the rest of the FIU community.

Fun Fact: I had the opportunity to intern at Harvard University!

Advice for college-bound students: The best advice I could give is learn to become self-sufficient. You are not only learning to master a body of knowledge you are also learning to create opportunities for yourself to sustain a long and healthy career personally and professionally! In order to do that you need to  stay focused and really seek out the experience you want for your undergraduate years—building a network for yourself and opportunities to help reinforce what you are learning in class are so important and that all starts with you becoming your own keeper.