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Stats and rankings are impressive, but they fail to tell the whole FIU story—the real story. Behind every one of FIU's triumphs are real individuals with real goals and responsibilities, rooted in the realities of what is happening in the world today.

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Featured Students

In the FIU episode of the College Tour, you’ll meet students who continuously achieve REAL TRIUMPHS.

Kehinde Alawode

Engineering, graduate student, Nigeria

Kehinde is conducting research to improve hurricane readiness at FIU’s Wall of Wind (WOW), a large-scale hurricane simulator capable of generating 157 mph wind speeds with rain intrusion. WOW’s state-of-the-art testing has led to improved codes and safer buildings.

Amelia Raudales

Honors college, senior, Miami, FL

With the help of StartUp FIU, Amelia, an Honors College Scholar, is working to develop an app that makes charitable giving more convenient across digital platforms.

Binta Olabasi

Economics, Nigeria

A recent alumna, Binta, touts the diverse student body that facilitated a global learning experience, helping shape who she is today.

Brittany Schick

Social Work, graduate, Palm Bay, FL

Aspiring clinician, Brittany, shares the on-the-ground experience she has gained and how FIU has been instrumental in her many achievements.

Bryan Hernandez

Law, 3rd year, Los Angeles, CA

With more than 20 years of service with the Army, Bryan discusses how one of the top universities for veterans provides a unique and supportive learning experience for its law students.

Carlos Vasco

Nursing, alum, Havana, Cuba

Inspired by his surgeon uncle, Carlos takes us through his journey to becoming a nurse anesthetist and joining the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

D’Andria Hollins

Biology, senior, Orlando, FL

D’Andria shares how FIU helped hone her academic focus and prepare her to be a champion for social and environmental justice.

Delaney Dockstader

Psychology, sophomore, St. Petersburg, FL

Delaney’s story centers around her on-campus experience and how being part of such a diverse student body has influenced the person she is today.

Juliana Cazzaniga

Biology, natural and applied sciences, chemistry, alumna, Miami, FL

Juliana, an Honors College Scholar, tells how one of the largest Hispanic serving institutions can provide multiple scholarship and undergraduate research opportunities.

Khaleel Martin

Law, 2nd year, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Aspiring in-house counsel for a professional sports organization, Khaleel discusses the many sporting and recreational opportunities available to students on-and-off campus.

Krista Schmidt

Law, Miami, FL

Krista shares how FIU is an economic engine and community-serving institution in Miami.

Leeanne Grunow

Hospitality, alum, Jupiter, FL

Through study abroad programs and opportunities like the Food Network and Cooking Channel Wine & Food Festival, Leeanne tells us how her love of hospitality flourished in the Magic City and abroad.

Matheus Stancati

Architecture, alum, Campinas, Brazil

Matheus tells how his experience at FIU prepared him for architectural and design challenges in the 21st century through innovation and initiatives like Walk on Water—a more than 30-year tradition where architecture students are tasked with crafting footwear that allows them to walk across a university lake.

Morganne Stephenson

Public relations, senior, Kingston, Jamaica

Morganne walks us through everything Biscayne Bay Campus has to offer and how she was able to write her own story using the resources available at FIU.

Nicole Strickland

Ecology, graduate student, Detroit, MI

Nicole’s passion for ecological sustainability is being fostered through FIU’s many research opportunities, including FIU’s Aquarius Reef Base, the only underwater research lab in the world.

Prachi Lalwani

International relations, junior, Venezuela

Fueled by personal experience, Prachi discusses how FIU is preparing her to be a leader for social justice through programs like Model UN, which is consistently ranked top in the country.

Rahul Mittal

Computer science, alumnus, Indore, India

Rahul shares his on-campus experience and the opportunities provided to him through the FIU, like participating in Shellhacks, the largest hack-a-thon event in Florida.

Shadya Muvdi

Theater, alum, Miami, FL

Born and raised in Miami, Shadya highlights the full-spectrum of arts available for Panthers on campus.

Tanith Brauner

Hospitality, graduate student, Berlin, Germany

Tanith discusses her unique experience in a hospitality course led by David Grutman, one of Miami’s leading hospitality entrepreneurs, and the other offerings available at a university located in one of the world’s tourism capitals.

FIU is your home.

FIU drives real talent and innovation in Miami and globally. Very high research (R1) activity and social mobility come together to uplift and accelerate learner success in a global city — focusing on the areas of environment, health, innovation and justice.

We’re approaching education in a new way, on our own terms—making a real difference along the way.

Study at a top-50 public university in Miami

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    Florida, based on performance-based metrics

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    Young University, Times Higher Education - U.S. Public

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    Most innovative schools, U.S. News & World Report - U.S. public

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    In social mobility, U.S. News & World Report - U.S. public

  • Our partnership with the Food Network & Cooking Channel Wine & Food Festival provides real-world opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in hospitality.

  • Our Aquarius Reef Base is the only underwater facility of its kind in the world.

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