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Florida International University


A pathway to your four-year degree.


The FIU Connect4Success Program is a partnership program established in 2006 among our university and area colleges, which include: Miami Dade College, Broward College, Florida Keys Community College, and Palm Beach State College. As of 2016, we have now expanded to include the entire state of Florida. Any student attending a Community or state college within the state of Florida will now be eligible to participate in Connect4Success and enjoy the benefits of the program.

By participating in this program, you will be part of a select group of students who will be able to complete their four-year degree in no time. You are invited to complete your first two years of college by earning Associate in Arts degree (AA) at one of the participating colleges of your choice. If you earn the Associate in Arts within a 3-year timeframe, you will be provided automatic admission into FIU for completion of your last years of classes for a Bachelor's degree from FIU.

Our FIU Connect4Success Program enhances Florida's 2 +2 Pathway to Success Program. With the 2+2 program, once you complete an Associate's degree you are provided guaranteed admission into one of the 11 state universities, but not necessarily the one of your choice. With our program, not only do we provide guaranteed admission to FIU, but we also provide workshops and personalized advising to get you on a clear pathway to university completion. Students who participate in the Connect4Success Program are more likely to make the transition to FIU than similar students who do not accept the invitation.

You must keep in mind that although this program does provide you with a guaranteed pathway to attend FIU at the end of your Associates degree, it does not mean that you are also guaranteed admission into any limited access program or restricted major that requires students to have completed prerequisite courses and meet selective admissions criteria for that major. Hence, it is important that you keep in mind your major’s requirements and your overall goal, but our advisors will be there to help you whether you are at one of the community colleges or have transferred to FIU.