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Admission to FIU is selective. Every year we receive thousands of applications from students with varying academic profiles. We consider each student for admission to a best-fit term based on their entire academic profile. For this reason FIU created several pathways to admission.

International Freshmen

An international freshman is a student who has completed or will soon complete high school and who has yet to enroll in a 2- or 4-year college or university.

Early Fall Direct

Early Fall Direct is a pathway for students who elect to begin in June for the Summer term. We also offer this pathway to applicants who applied for the Fall, but whose academic profile benefits from an earlier start to their college career.

Beginning in the Early Fall Direct term allows students to transition to FIU before the rush of the Fall term. All students are required to take 9 Summer credits to graduate from FIU. Credits taken during Early Fall Direct pathway will count towards that quota.

Fall Direct

Fall Direct is a pathway for students who start classes during the Fall term, in August. This pathway has the highest academic criteria for admission. Students admitted to the Fall term by November 1st with qualifying criteria are considered for our Admissions Merit-Based (Premiere) Scholarships.

The Fall term is the most traditional start term at FIU, and it is when most of our major sports and student-run events occur on campus.

Spring Direct

The Spring Direct pathway starts in January, and is considered to be the most flexible of our pathways to get admitted in. Many students opt for Spring Direct if they need more time to move to Miami from out of town, finish up coursework at their current school, or prepare finances.

International Transfers

An international transfer student will have fully enrolled in a 2- or 4-year, higher education institution and would like to continue their academic career at FIU.

2+2 Partnerships

Under the Florida Articulation agreement, students who receive an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public community college is guaranteed admission with the exception of specialized admissions programs.*

An Associate of Arts degree from any Florida public community and junior college ensures an orderly transfer to FIU. Students who receive the Associate of Arts degree are classified as juniors and satisfy the FIU’s general education requirements.

Transfer students have the opportunity for admission to FIU through a simple process. To be eligible for the 2 + 2 pathway, students must have completed basic Math and English courses (usually the first 30 credits in college) and maintained at least a 2.0 GPA for the majority of their academic program.

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*Specialized Admissions programs are selective in admission and require additional criteria. Please contact the academic department or university catalog for specific requirements.

Graduate School

FIU takes pride in designing graduate programs that prepare students to be knowledgeable creators and leaders in their fields. Our graduate faculty are on the front lines of solving the challenges facing our community and beyond. Our focus on research-integrated graduate curricula, and the rich cultural diversity of our campus and South Florida provide the graduate students with the most exciting and dynamic learning environment at FIU.

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FIU Online

Same world-class university, online

Now you can earn a FIU degree anywhere and at anytime with FIU Online, a leader in online education. With FIU Online, you can study at your own pace while gaining valuable work experience from your home country and reducing the cost of a U.S. education.

Depending on your major, you may even complete your last year on campus. Success coaches are available at all times to help you achieve the core requirements of an undergraduate degree and gain direct access to a master’s program.

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Get a head start with the Early University Credit Academy

If you’re still finishing high school, while living in your home country, you can gain a valuable advantage with Early University Credit Academy that will help you achieve a bachelor’s degree faster once you are admitted to FIU. Early University Credit Academy offers you an opportunity to start earning college credits through FIU Online, while still in high school. The credits that you earn from FIU can be applied toward a full FIU degree—either completed through FIU Online or on campus in Miami, FL. All courses are fully online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time to complete coursework. Courses offered through the program fulfill FIU’s core curriculum classes and are taught by the same faculty that teach on-campus.

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