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Florida International University



As a Connect4Success (C4S) student, you will enjoy benefits at FIU while on your AA pathway, both for your education and just for fun. It's benefits like these that make C4S students more prepared and more at home at FIU than students who transfer on their own. Here are a few reasons why transferring is better as a C4S student:

Guaranteed Next Step to FIU

As long as you complete your AA degree in 3 years, you will be guaranteed* a spot at FIU.

*Admission is not guaranteed to limited access programs, which require more competitive criteria.


Fast-track Enrollment

When you are ready to transfer to FIU, simply update your application on your MyFIU student portal and submit official transcripts from your state college. No extra applications or fees necessary.

Dedicated Advising

FIU Bridge Advisors help you stay on track to finish your AA in less than 3 years. Bridge Advisors work closely with state college advisors to provide guidance and support as you prepare for your transition.

2-for-1 University Resources

Use both your partner college resources and FIU state-of-the-art facilities. This includes the library, computer labs, bookstore and more.

Student Access to FIU

C4S students get an FIU One Card, the FIU student ID. The One Card will give you access to the gym, the library, the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum and free entry to select campus events and athletic games.

Exclusive Transfer Workshops

Attend exclusive workshops to prepare yourself to make the jump to FIU. There are workshops to guide you through every step of your AA, right up to your official transfer.

Feel More Prepared

Many of our participating students say that this program allows them to better prepare themselves for university classes. In fact, C4S students are more likely to make the transition to FIU than other transfer students.