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Future Students

What is the FIU Connect4Success program?

The FIU Connect4Success program is a pathway and an opportunity for your four-year degree. You are invited to complete your first 2 years of college by earning an Associate in Arts degree (AA) at a Florida public state/community college of your choice. If you earn the AA within a 3-year timeframe, you will be provided automatic admission to FIU for completion of your Bachelor's degree at FIU.

Do I have to attend the college in the county that I live in?

No. You may choose any public state or community college in the Florida College System.

Do I have to apply separately to the partner college?

Yes. After you have submitted your Connect4Success application or accepted your admission to Connect4Success, your next step is to apply directly to the partner college where you will be receiving your AA degree. There is nothing specific that you will need to indicate on that application to say that you are in the program; you will apply as the same as any other student.

Can I participate if I am attending a private college or a college outside of Florida?

No, only students attending colleges within the Florida State College System can participate in Connect4Success.

What is a limited access program?

A limited access program utilizes selective admission to limit program enrollment. These programs may have a limited number of "seats" and/or more competitive admission requirements, such as a higher cumulative GPA than FIUs 2.0 general transfer GPA, an entrance exam, audition, portfolio, or separate application. Your Bridge Advisor will be aware of these specific requirements if you plan to continue on into a limited access program following the completion of your AA degree. Learn more about limited access programs.

Current Students

Is the orientation session mandatory?

Yes. It is important that students attend the orientation session from the college that they choose in order to know their next steps. This orientation will provide you and your family with information on financial aid, advising, registration, and student life at the partner college of your choice.

Will my financial aid automatically transfer?

No. You need to be sure to update your FAFSA to include both FIU and your partner college. Any outside scholarships or aid that you are receiving will be applied to the partner college first as that is where you will initially be attending.

After I accepted admission to the program, I changed my mind about the college I want to go to. May I update my college choice? 

Yes. Please email for updates on your college selection.

I am about to complete my AA degree. What are my next steps?

You will need to log in to your student portal, MyFIU, once you have completed 30+ credits. See step-by-step instructions on returning to FIU.

Do I need to apply again?

No. One of the benefits of participating in Connect4Success is that you do not have to submit another application. See step-by-step instructions on returning to FIU.

What if I do not finish my AA degree within 3 years?

Students in Connect4Success must complete an AA degree prior to transitioning to FIU. If you do not transition within 3 years, you can still attend FIU but you must submit a new application and your admission is no longer guaranteed.

Can I change my major once I go to FIU?

Yes. However, you are not guaranteed admission to limited access programs, including but not limited to Architecture and Nursing.

Will FIU accept my preparatory courses?

No, FIU will not accept preparatory (developmental) courses.