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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Committee


The Admission Petition and Appeals Committee reviews requests for appeals from those undergraduate applicants who have been denied admission to the university. The committee consists of faculty, staff and administrators who review cases and determine a student’s potential for success at FIU.

Students requesting an appeal or additional review of their admissions status must submit the following:

  • An Admission Petition and Appeal form

  • A written statement from the student which includes:
    • The student’s goals, educational and/or professional objectives.
    • An explanation of past academic performance.
    • Information and/or circumstances that may have affected past academic performance.
    • Any other information the student wishes to have considered.
  • At least one signed letter of recommendation from individuals who know of and can attest to the student’s academic ability and/or potential such as teachers, counselors, mentors, tutors, academic or career advisors, former employers, etc. Such letter(s) should not be a “form” letter, but directly address any deficiencies in the student’s academic scores.
  • Any additional documents to help support the appeal*

All supporting documents must be sent or delivered to the Undergraduate Admissions Office and arrive at least 3 business days in advance of the next available admissions committee meeting.

Students will be informed of the committee’s decision via e-mail within 3 business days of its meeting. Please note: appeal review requests can only come from the applicant.

Complete the Admissions Appeal Form

*It is recommended that freshmen students who do not meet minimum scores on their SAT/ACT subsections take the PERT exam to show college readiness.

Passing PERT scores:
Math: 114
Writing: 103
Reading: 106

Review Dates:

Last day to submit appeal packet - Wednesday

Appeal meeting date - Monday

August 17

August 22

August 31

September 6

September 14

September 19

September 28

October 3

October 12

October 17

October 26

October 31

November 9

November 14

November 23

November 28

December 7*

December 12*

January 4

January 9

January 18

January 23

February 1

February 6

February 15

February 20

March 1

March 6

March 15

March 20

March 29

April 3

April 12

April 17**

April 26

May 1

May 10

May 15

May 24

May 29

June 7

June 12

June 21

June 26

July 5

July 10

July 19

July 24***

August 2

August 7

August 16

August 21


*Final appeal date for students who wish to be considered for spring 2017 term.

** Final appeal date for students who wish to be considered for summer 2017 term.

*** Final appeal date for students who wish to be considered for fall 2017 term.