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Florida International University

How to Join


Transfer to FIU the Easy Way

If you're planning to get your AA and then transfer to FIU, Connect4Success is the easiest way to do it. As you complete your AA, you will work with your college advisor and FIU Bridge Advisor to choose a major and complete General Education requirements while completing prerequisites so that you are fully transfer ready when you arrive at FIU.

Guaranteed Admission to FIU

Once you’re accepted into Connect4Success, you’ll be guaranteed admission* to FIU and get many of the benefits fully-admitted FIU students receive – all before you even transfer.

*Acceptance is not guaranteed for limited access programs. Meet with a college or Bridge Advisor to find out if you qualify for these programs.


High School Students

  1. Respond to your Connect4Success invitation to confirm acceptance or apply online
  2. Choose your Florida state partner college
  3. Earn your AA in 3 years or less

State College Students

  1. Earn 12 or more college credits
    (MDC and PBSC students must earn 24 or more credits)
  2. Declare your major at your Florida state partner college
  3. Apply online to Connect4Success
    (If you have earned 30 or more credits, after you apply to Connect4Success, follow the Returning Student process to update your application immediately with your expected transfer term)
  4. Earn your AA in 2 years or less

I’ve Met My Requirements – Now What?

When you’re ready to transfer to FIU, just log in to your MyFIU account (created when you submit your Connect4Success application) and update your application to FIU. Talk with a Bridge Advisor if you think you’re ready to transfer.

Fast-track Your Transfer

Join Connect4Success and you'll get an FIU One Card which means student perks like the ability to attend Campus Life, Athletic and academic events. Signing up also means a hassle-free transition process when you're ready to transfer to FIU.