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Florida International University

Undergraduate Admissions

Recruiter Bio

Jawhara Graham


Hometown: Hollywood, FL

Alma Mater: Florida International University/ Nova Southeastern University

Major: BA in Psychology/ MS in School Counseling

Favorite Place at FIU: Sky Lounge in DM. It's so cool! It has the floor made of glass crystals, the plants everywhere, and those cool chairs!

Favorite thing about FIU: FIU is relatively new in ‘University Years” meaning it’s not so rigid and is constantly evolving and modernizing with the times! Also the scenery is everything! (I mean who doesn’t enjoy palm trees?)

Fun Fact: I recently started violin lessons and secretly dream of joining an orchestra one day for fun.

Advice for college-bound students: Be Open! The university atmosphere facilitates introductions to so many new people, opportunities, hobbies, adventures, and so forth…step out of your bubble and take advantage =)