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How to Get Accepted to FIU

Accepted first year applicants are sorted into a pathway based on their high school GPA, course selection and test scores. Pathways start in different terms (early fall, fall or spring) and have different requirements. 

This tool does not guarantee acceptance to FIU or to any single pathway. Applicants are informed of official pathway selection on acceptance to FIU. Pathway decisions are made on a space available basis. Apply early to increase your chances of acceptance. Students must meet the minimum test scores approved by the Florida Board of Education to qualify for admission to FIU.

What is your unweighted high school GPA?A valid GPA is required!
Would you like to use your SAT or ACT Scores?
Are you interested in business, science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields?
Enter your scores to see which pathways you may qualify for.
    • Four Year Fall

      This pathway is designed for high achieving first year students who intend to graduate from FIU in 48 months. This is the most selective of the pathways at FIU. Admission decisions will be released beginning September 1.

    • Early Fall Direct

      To provide many incoming first year students with the best opportunity for success during the traditional fall semester, we admit selected students to our Early Fall Direct pathway. Students begin this pathway in the summer term as full-time students. If they complete the summer successfully, then they progress to the fall term as full-time. Admission decisions will be released beginning September 1.


      For students interested in STEM, this pathway better prepares you for college math courses. STEM STEP (Supported Transition to Excellence Program) is designed for students who are not calculus ready or have not successfully completed college-level math courses. Students may be required to enter this pathway in the following majors: engineering, business, biochemistry, chemistry, geosciences, biology, mathematical sciences, mathematics, marine biology, or physics.

    • Early Fall STEP

      This pathway enrolls first year students in the Supported Transition to Excellence Program (STEP), which offers success workshops and specialized advising. Students begin classes in the summer and first fall terms part time (less than 12 credits). Students who successfully manage their course load begin taking classes full time in the spring. Financial aid is adjusted to ensure that part-time enrollment status will not affect your awards.

    • Spring Direct

      In many cases, FIU admits students who will begin their course work during the spring term. You can take classes at one of the Florida State Colleges in the summer and or fall. We ask that you do not exceed 11 credit hours prior to enrolling at FIU. You will be required to submit a transcript from any and all colleges and universities attended.

      To provide many students with the best opportunity for success during the traditional fall semester, we admit selected students to our spring direct pathway. Admission decisions will be released beginning December 1.

    • Connect4Success

      Students who want to earn their associate's degree at another Florida state or community college can join the Connect4Success (C4S) program to get automatic admission to FIU. During your first 2-3 years of college, you enjoy many of the benefits of an FIU student and work with a bridge advisor to prepare for formal admission to an FIU major. Learn more about Connect4Success.