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COVID-19 Admissions Update

First Year Applicants

  • I am unable to obtain an official high school transcript

    We know that it has become difficult for many students to acquire official transcripts from high schools, due to school closures, if you are unable to acquire an official transcript, you can upload unofficial transcripts through MyFIU. Should you be admitted and enroll at FIU, you will have a registration hold for all future terms until we receive the official transcript(s).

  • My school is now giving us Pass/Fail Grades; how will that affect my admissions?

    FIU will evaluate the high school transcript as it is presented by the high school. The high school should provide a crosswalk or translation for the grades being used. If they are just giving credit, then the course will count toward the units required under Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.002 but will not be factored into your grade point average.

  • I was deferred and wanted to use my March/April SAT or ACT for admission.

    We will be making admission decisions based on the academic information you have provided to date. As always, FIU has a process for you to submit additional information for an appeal. Please visit the admission application appeal page for details. 

  • I was registered for the March/April SAT/ACT; what do I do about my scores?

    Under the Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.002, first-time in college applicants are required to have an SAT or ACT for admission to the State University System. School Day SAT was offered in a number of districts across the state in October; the results of those assessments should be submitted for admission as well as any other attempts of the SAT or ACT even if it was early in your high school career.

    If you have never taken an SAT or ACT, it is recommended that you select the Connect4Success pathway. The Florida State College System does not require an SAT or ACT for admission. You can earn your AA degree and then seamlessly transition to FIU.

First Year Newly Admitted Students

Transfer Applicants

Transfer Newly Admitted Students



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