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Ready to take the first step on your FIU journey? From our lush, expansive campus grounds to our nationally-ranked research programs to our diverse student population, there’s a million reasons to choose FIU. We’re creating more opportunities for first year students like you every term. Follow this checklist to apply and if you need help, contact an admissions counselor.

Important Dates

FIU offers rolling admission during the summer, fall and spring terms.  Apply by the deadlines below to be admitted to the term of your choice.

Application Deadlines
Spring 2021December 1
Early Fall (Summer B) 2021April 1
Fall 2021April 1
Spring 2022December 1

*These dates have been adjusted to accommodate for testing delays due to COVID 19.

Last Test Dates Considered for Admission
Early Fall (Summer B)2021February 6 - ACT
Fall 2021March 13 - SAT
February 6 - ACT
Spring 2022June 5 - SAT
July 17 - ACT

Financial Aid Deadlines



FIU will accept some versions of the “School Day SAT” and “District ACT” exams offered in conjunction with an applicant’s high school or school district. Please speak with your school testing coordinator or school counselor for details and availability of testing.

As deadlines pass FIU will cancel incomplete applications

We understand that some applicants of the class of 2021 have taken the April 17, 2021 ACT. The FIU admission deadline was prior to this test date. You were strongly encouraged to apply to FIU as early as possible and prior to the published deadline(s). If your application for admission has been canceled or received after the published deadlines, you will need to contact your assigned admissions representative to discuss options and opportunities. FIU admit students to various pathways based on their academic history, strength of high school curriculum and standardized test scores, many of the pathways are full for the 2021-22 academic year.

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We’re Here to Help

Get guidance from application to graduation. Strive for College has recognized FIU for our support of first generation students. Visit the I’m First website or talk with an FIU admissions counselor for advice on your FIU journey.

1. Take the SAT or ACT

Students should take the SAT and/or ACT in their junior year, but no later than fall of senior year. Test scores submitted after the deadline will not be considered on applications or scholarships for the upcoming term. Official scores for the SAT can be sent through (code: 5206) and ACT scores through (code: 0776). Check what grades you need to get into FIU on the First Year Pathways.

Class of 2021, we understand the challenges you face accessing the ACT and SAT. Under Florida Board of Governors Regulation, 6.002, it is required for admission. While scores are needed, and placement is important, we will place a heavier weight on your performance in the classroom. This means we will place a stronger focus on your GPA, curriculum and sequence of the courses you are taking and the major you select at the time of application.

2. Apply for Financial Aid 

Filing for FAFSA before the deadline will make it easier to calculate and deliver your financial aid awards. You should file for FAFSA even if you aren’t sure you’ll qualify. Search for scholarships you could qualify for early as deadlines to apply may vary.

3. Start your Application

The online application takes about 20-30 minutes to complete and will require a $30 application fee. When you begin the online application, be prepared to pay the fee or use an SAT/ACT fee waiver. If you are using an SAT/ACT fee waiver please select “Pay by Check” when submitting the application and upload your waiver to your student portal on MyFIU or send it directly to your admissions counselor for processing. 

4. Submit Transcript(s)

This includes transcripts from your high school and from any other university you received dual enrollment credits. If you were home schooled, earned your GED or received other non-traditional high school education, follow the instruction below. You must submit your transcripts before the application deadline. Applications without a transcript will be rejected as incomplete.

5. Submit Exam Scores

Submit scores separately from the testing agency. This applies to advanced placement (AP), CLEP, International Baccalaureate (IB), or any other exam credit scores. AP scores must be a 3 or higher. Scores submitted after the application deadline will not be considered on your application. See accepted exam credits. The only scores accepted as "official" from a high school transcript are SAT and ACT scores.

6. Submit Residency Documentation

Residency status is used primarily to determine whether students pay in-state or out-of-state tuition. Whether you are a Florida resident, U.S. resident or international student, you are required to submit proof of residency. Failing to provide residency documentation will delay your enrollment.

Residency Forms and Information

7. Check Application Status

When you finish your application, you will be assigned a Panther ID and within 1-3 week days you will have access to your MyFIU account where you can check your application status

If you receive your acceptance letter, congratulations! You're on your way. Start the Admitted checklist to enroll in FIU.

If your application is denied, not all hope is lost. You may Appeal a denied decision if your grades have changed or if you retook a test for a higher score.

Students who have received a letter of deferred admission or alternate term admission:

  • A deferred admission decision means that we have not been able to make a decision based on the academic credentials you have submitted. We would like for you to send us your first semester grades in January and/or any new SAT or ACT scores you may have. In addition to receiving a letter, we will also contact you via email. Please make sure to check your email regularly for updated information regarding your deferred admission status.
  • If you were admitted to Early Fall, but applied for fall, this is the pathway you have qualified for based on your academic credentials. We will provide you with a window to appeal this decision during the first two weeks of March. For more details see Pathway Placement AppealEmails to the Office of Admission or any staff will not be considered as an appeal at this time.

Other Steps

  • International Students

    International students must submit English language proficiency exams and other documents to apply to FIU. Visit International Admissions to learn about how to apply, life at FIU and much more. 

    International Application Process

  • Home Education Students

    Students completing a home education program according to section 1002.41, Florida Statutes, meet this minimum admission requirement; however, FIU may request additional documentation to demonstrate college readiness.

    Student applying for admission who has participated in a non-traditional high school program must present credentials determined to be equivalent to a standard high school diploma and high school transcript. An applicant whose high school educational program are not measured in Carnegie Units must present a combined test score of a minimum of 1140 on the rSAT after March 2016 or (1070 on the SAT prior to March 2016) minimum composite score of 23 on the ACT to be considered for admission to FIU. Students will be considered for all Admission Success Pathways based on academic rigor and assessment scores.

  • GED Students

    Applicants presenting a GED must present official GED results and official transcripts or any partial high school completion. Applicants with a GED from any state must achieve a total battery score of 600, with no sub score lower than 150 and a minimum test score of 1090 rSAT after March 2016 (1490 on the SAT prior to March 2016) or a minimum composite score of 21 on the ACT.