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With over 56,000 students and a freshman acceptance rate of 50%, FIU admissions is considered selective. The admissions committee looks for applicants who are academically prepared, have challenged themselves with advanced courses, are active in their community or are motivated by a specific goal or passion. We strive to prepare applicants for a college education to open doors to more future Panthers every year.

Freshman Requirements

Get Accepted to FIU

Freshmen are accepted to FIU based on a pathway designed to fit their academic history and goals. Admission decisions are made on a space-available basis – if one pathway fills up, you may be accepted to the next. See if you qualify for FIU and which pathway fits you.

Freshman Pathways

  • Test Scores

    SAT and ACT minimum test scores are set by the Florida Board of Education. To find out if your test scores measure up to FIU standards, see Freshman Pathways. If you do not meet the minimum test score, it's recommended to take the PERT exam to demonstrate your college readiness.

  • GPA

    FIU recalculates GPA based on your courses taken. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Dual Enrollment, AICE and Honors courses are all taken into consideration in your FIU weighted GPA. FIU weighted GPA is used for Scholarships as well.

  • High School Courses

    This is the high school course load required for applying freshmen. Taking courses beyond these minimum requirements can improve your chances of acceptance.

    • 4 credits of English
    • 4 credits of Mathematics (at or above Algebra I or higher)
    • 3 credits of Natural Science (two must have included substantial lab requirements)
    • 3 credits of Social Science (includes Anthropology, History, Civics, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Psychology and/or Geography)
    • 2 credits second language
    • 2 credits in additional academic electives
  • Freshman Program Requirements

    Some degree programs, such as architecture and nursing, have higher minimum admissions requirements than others and may require additional information or exams along with your application. Search degrees to find specific admissions requirements of your desired degree.

Transfer Requirements

Florida Public or Community College Transfers

Students transferring with an associate in arts (AA) automatically qualify for admission to the university (with the exception of Limited Access Programs) through the Florida 2+2 Partnership. These students enter FIU as juniors having satisfied the university's general education requirements.

  • Credit Requirements

    Students transferring without an associate's degree or with fewer than 60 credits are required to submit their SAT or ACT scores and transcripts from any schools they have attended (both high school and college). Transfer students’ test scores must meet minimum test scores to qualify for admission.

    Students with 30-59 credits do not have to submit a high school transcript or test scores as long as they have:
    • Completed ENC 1101 or the equivalent with a ‘C’ or better
    • Completed MAT 1033 or the equivalent with a ‘C’ or better
    • At least a 2.0 transfer GPA
    • Good academic standing at their last institution
  • Transfer Program Requirements

    Transfers who are starting their third year of college (or are near earning 60 credits) should have a chosen degree. If you are entering FIU with your associate's degree, you must apply to the college or program of your choice in addition to university application. Some degree programs, such as architecture and nursing, have higher minimum admissions requirements than others and may require additional information or exams along with your application. See Limited Access Programs for requirements or search degrees.

Graduate Requirements

FIU admits over 6,000 graduate students every year. Admissions requirements vary by program. As a result, additional criteria may be used during the review process. Samples may include: entrance exams, resumes or portfolios, essays, letters of recommendation, etc. Search for your program to verify what you will need.

Admissions Requirements