Accelerated Pathway

Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Pathways

The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways provide opportunities for highly qualified FIU students to complete both their undergraduate degree and a corresponding master’s degree in as fast as 5 years. Participants in these pathways can enroll in multiple graduate level courses during their senior year that will then count towards both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree requirements.  Students who successfully complete this pathway can graduate from the master’s up to a year early, saving time and money on graduate tuition.

1. Check Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to an accelerated pathway, applicants must have a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA and have completed at least 75 credits of bachelor’s degree requirements at the university.

All applicants must also meet the admissions criteria for the graduate degree they are applying to, including providing the program review committee with any necessary supplemental materials or documents. These can include:

Not all graduate programs are available as an Accelerated Pathway. You can review what program combinations are available once you start your application.


An advisor can help prepare you for an accelerated pathway. Work with your advisor to find your chosen program's requirements, make a course plan, and fill out your application. Make an appointment through MyFIU.

2. Apply for Financial Aid

Filing the FAFSA before the deadline will make it easier to calculate and deliver your financial aid awards. Filing is free and you could be eligible for federal loans, grants or scholarships. Find more funding resources through the University Graduate School and the FIU Office of Scholarships. Deadlines for funding may vary.

Submit the FAFSA

3. Start Your Application

Submit your application through MyFIU by navigating to the Admissions Tile on the student dashboard. Start by verifying your contact information and make any necessary changes. Move onto step 4 for more instructions.

Apply through MyFIU

4. Program Selection

Select your Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Pathway of interest, while also indicating your expected graduation term and desired start term for the program. Not all graduate programs are available as an Accelerated Pathway. Please review the application in order to see what program combinations are available.

A disclaimer will remind you that other requirements may be needed for your application to be considered for admission to the program of your choice. Search for the program on the Admissions Requirements page for details.

5. Application Payment and Confirmation

Select the method of payment and select to submit the $30 application fee now or pay later.

If you select “Pay Now with credit card,” the next step is to enter credit card payment information to submit the application payment. If you select to “Pay later with credit card or check,” this option will not appear and will go directly to the final step.

Review your academic and payment information and then submit the application. 

6. Check Application Status and To Do List

Students may check their application status through MyFIU after submitting the application.

After the application is submitted and the application payment is processed, it’s sent to the academic units for review. Then the graduate program will make an admission recommendation within the program’s existing admissions timeline.   

Once the program finalizes their decision, the Office of Admissions processes the application and will notify you via an official communication. Check your Panthermail for notification.

Check Status