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This page is dedicated to capturing the graduate student experience as real as it gets at FIU. Our graduate students’ contributions are the heart of not only FIU, but the local and global community, thus becoming Real Triumph leaders in their respective fields. We realized each of our graduate student’s accomplishments are uniquely molded by their student experience. At FIU, we pride ourselves on fostering a diverse, inclusive community and being Miami's first and only public research institution

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I never imagined how much camaraderie or rapport I would build with my fellow students and professors. The students in my program are highly motivated, and the professors are among the most passionate and understanding instructors I have had. The incredibly supportive and inspiring environment makes it all worthwhile.

Laney Clore, M.S. Candidate in Occupational Therapy

Real Top Tier Research

In alignment with the university’s mission and as a top-tier category for doctoral research universities, FIU strives for their student’s work and research to transcend learning within the classroom. The scholarly development of our graduate student population has produced real solutions to global problems.

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Graduate Student Life

With over 300 student clubs and organizations, there’s something for everyone! Whether it's participating in a community service project, joining student government, partaking in an academic organization, sitting on a board, networking with your cohort, or engaging in other student-led programs will allow you to grow both personally and professionally.

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What Our Graduate Students Say

I've had the pleasure to return and complete my Master's in Art Education here at FIU. The program is taught by faculty who are practicing, professional artists in their field. Needless to say, as a result the caliber of students parallel that of the instruction of the professors. I was able to study and practice in the Portrait and Figure Academy, a jewel I found here at FIU. The rigor aligns it’s students with the academia found in Classical Ateliers Academy’s across the nation. The teachings echo the Beaux Art Classical Atelier Tradition in the heart of Miami. Opportunities here and studying abroad offers students a well rounded art education. I am grateful for all of my experiences within the program.

Julie Orsini Shakher, M.A. in Art Education

It was a daunting choice to return to school during a pandemic, but I don't regret it for a second. I have been a golden panther since I came for undergrad in 2014, however I currently live in New York and I was looking all over the country for an online graduate program. I was blown away by FIU's program selection and found the perfect match for what I was looking for. After weighing my options, it turns out FIU was the clear top choice. I am so impressed by the care from my professors, they truly want you to succeed and communication is always open. I am very happy with my experience so far and I look forward to completing the rest of the program!

Natasha Arocha, M.S. Candidate in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development

I am a fourth year History PhD student. As a full time worker and a part time student I could not have made it this far without the support and understanding of the faculty. The history department and the university places the student first. They understand that not every student is a "traditional" student and that is why I continued here at FIU after obtaining my Master's degree. The academic rigor, the professional relationships and the forward thinking mindset has allowed me to grow intellectually and personally.

Jairo Ledesma, Doctoral Candidate in History


Real Grad Talk

Our Real Grad Talk series was founded on the grounds that conversations spark connectivity. With conducting candid conversations with our graduate students, we hope to provide you a glimpse into their time at Florida International University such as their research efforts, what brought them to the University, future career goals, and insight into what student life at FIU is really like.

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