Guest Applicants

A guest students is anyone who wants to take courses, but will not earn a degree from FIU. You are considered a guest student if you fall into one of these descriptions:

  • Transient students: You are earning a degree at another university, but have come home for a period of time and want to continue earning college credits (does not apply to students on official student exchange).
  • Non-degree seeking student: You want to take a few college courses, but not earn a full degree or certificate.

Visit OneStop for more information on non-degree students.

Transient Applicants

Students attending other institutions (universities or colleges) can take classes at FIU while they are home for the summer or any other time. Since these students plan to transfer classes from FIU back to their primary institution, they are classified as transients by the State of Florida.

1. Talk with your advisor

Transient students continue to be advised by their primary institution, which determines whether they have met the necessary prerequisites before enrolling in the FIU class.

2. Apply

  • Students from Florida public universities: Students attending a college or university in the Florida State University System can apply to FIU by visiting FloridaShines. Once your application is approved, you will be notified by FloridaShines. Your FIU Panther ID, registration date and other information will be included in the ‘Comments’ area of your form. Learn more applying as a Florida transient student.
  • Students from private or out-of-state universities: Students coming to FIU from a private school or a school outside Florida must apply using the Non-degree Seeking Application. Learn more about applying as an out-of-state non-degree student.

Once you have started an application, you can access your account through the student portal, MyFIU.

3. Transfer Credits

When you have completed your FIU course(s) and grades have posted, you must order an official transcript through MyFIU to transfer credits to your home institution. Visit OneStop to find out how to Order Transcripts from FIU.

Non-degree Seeking Applicant

FIU welcomes students who want to take courses just for the love of learning.

Non-degree seeking applicants should fill out the Non-degree Seeking Application in its entirety and upload the appropriate residency documents while completing your online application.

Senior citizens (ages 60 and up) who are Florida residents can apply for a tuition waiver. See Senior Citizen on OneStop for application and more details.

Register for Classes

Once you're admitted to FIU, you can sign up for classes using your MyFIU account. For instructions visit the OneStop website.