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Early Assurance Program

Students in the Honors College can apply to the Early Assurance program as sophomores. This program allows FIU Honors College pre-med or pre-law students to be considered for guaranteed admission to the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and the FIU College of Law. In addition to securing an acceptance of admission (if all standards are met), the EAP program will assist students throughout their pre-law or pre-med planning by helping to define and broaden their academic interests and by providing educational enrichment as students explore and learn more about the medical or law professions.

Virtual VIP Visits

Some of the menu options include:


“I chose FIU because it offered me the ability to pursue any passion and explore. With FIU, I've been able to take classes that truly interest me and I've been able to travel and go abroad!

At FIU, I was able to find a job on campus that helped me nurture that passion and create videos and photos for their social media accounts and with this experience, I was able to secure an internship and a potential job offer at Sony Music!”

Katherine “Kat” De Jesus
- National Merit Scholar, FIU Honors College

“The first time I stepped foot on FIU's campus was when I attended FIMUN, FIU's high school Model UN conference, in March 2018. I knew immediately that it was the place for me.

FIU's Model UN team granted me the opportunity to travel across the continent 8 times in 2019, and built my professional network. FIU is a school whose merits far exceed what may be outlined by others, and I hope to be a part of what continues to drive our university forward in the national and international spheres.”

Alex Anacki
- National Merit Scholar, FIU Honors College

"When you are a National Merit Scholar at FIU, you get the opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond as opposed to one of many. Even then, FIU is anything but a small pond. FIU has given me great resources through our pre-med counselor, pre-med clubs and honors societies. They also have hundreds of ongoing research projects which will eventually help me gain lab experience before applying to medical school. FIU offers its students so many opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with others; I truly feel that I am being prepared for my future after college."

Vivian Caballero
- National Merit Scholar, FIU Honors College

Message from the President


Keep yourself on track

  • July-August (Summer)
    1. Submit Application to FIU early!
  • September-December (Fall)
    1. National Merit Scholarship Corporation announces semifinalist names
      • List of semi-finalists will be released
    2. Visit FIU
      • Set up your VIP tour of campus which can include:
        • Meet with faculty in your chosen major
        • Coffee with a fellow National Merit who chose FIU
        • Lunch with the Dean of the Honors College
        • Attend class with an Honors College student
        • Tour one of our Makerspaces on campus (including the Engineering Campus-Origami or Ameri Lab, Astro Science Center, the STAR Labs, and much more)
    3. Apply to Honors starting October 1
      • National Merit Semifinalists are provided automatic admission
      • Complete the application by visiting:
      • Priority consideration deadline is January 15
  • January – February (Early Spring)
    1. National Merit Scholarships Corporation announces finalists
      • Finalists will be selected. Let FIU know if you are a finalist to upgrade your scholarship
    2. Designate FIU as your first-choice institution
      • All students selected as finalists who designate FIU as their number 1 choice by the May 1 deadline are guaranteed the National Merit Scholarship
    3. Honors College Priority deadline January 15
      • Meet priority deadline in order to be invited to first available orientation date; pick your classes before all other incoming freshmen
      • Start looking at faculty researchers you would like to work with
  • March-May (Late Spring)
    1. Register to attend the Admitted Student Day Scholar luncheon on April
    2. Waive your deposit by May 1
      • Confirm admission with Associate Director, Rachelle Metcalfe at
      • National Merit Scholars will have their $200 admissions deposit waived
    3. Complete your housing application
      • Start your housing application. National Merit finalists have housing costs and meal plans included in their scholarship. Students will room at Honors Hall in Parkview. Checkout the floorplan
    4. Register for Orientation
      • Your account will have a link to start choosing your orientation date for orientation. The first available dates are allocated for Honors students, as automatic admits to the Honors College, you can choose any of the dates available.
    5. Select FIU as first-choice institution by May 1
      • You must have FIU listed as your first choice on the National Merit Scholarship Corporation website to guarantee your scholarship.

Congratulations, for being named a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist! As someone who wants to change the world, you will need a university dedicated to being a solution center; a place where you have the resources and freedom to explore new ways to solve the challenges of the 21st Century. At FIU, the work of our students, faculty and staff has a real impact on the real world. We hope you’ll take a closer look!

Jody Glassman, Director of University Admissions