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COVID-19 Admissions Update

We know that there are many questions about deposits, test scores, transcripts and grades. We hope that the FAQs below will help address some of those questions.

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Applying to FIU Early Fall and Fall 2021

  • I was admitted to the Early Fall or Fall 2020 but deferred or took a gap year, now what?

    A gap year means that you are taking the year off to do something specific such as an internship, study abroad or other emersion experience. Deferring enrollment means you are taking a semester or two to reassess your plans. In either case you need to complete the “change of term form” and include what you have done during this time. Students deferring their admission or taking a gap year are not guaranteed any scholarships or other financial aid you were previously offered. If you enrolled in any college-level courses you are required to disclose the information and submit official transcripts to FIU.

  • Do I have to take an SAT or ACT?

    Yes, the Florida Board of Governors Regulations state that an SAT or ACT score is required for First Time in College admission to the State University System. Please remember this is one factor we use to make an admission decision.

  • Can I apply without an SAT or ACT?

    Yes, you can submit your application, fee or fee waiver, and transcript before you have an SAT or ACT score. We will wait until we have your score to make an admissions decision. Please remember, the standardized test score is one factor we use to make an admissions decision, we look at your grades, the courses you took in high school and how well you persisted in a college-readiness curriculum as factors. In addition we admit students graduating from a Florida high school in the top 10% of their high school graduating class, regardless of what they score on an SAT or ACT.

  • The NCAA is test optional

    Yes, we are aware the NCAA is test optional, the Florida Board of Governors Regulations state that an SAT or ACT score is required for First Time in College admission to the State University System.

  • As I changed from remote to in-person or in-person to remote, my class schedule changed, how does this effect admissions?

    Yes, we are aware of the changes to schedules as well as to how students learn and resources during this time. We will be looking at all seven semesters and understand there may be some changes at the end of your junior year and your senior year due to the way school is being offered.

  • I did not do well in my virtual learning classes, will this hurt my chances of being admitted?

    Due to the increased number of virtual learning environments we will assess course work on the same level as in class instruction. We do understand that we may see some changes between the fall semester of 2019 and the spring semester of 2020; the transition from face-to-face to remote was not smooth for everyone.

  • My school used P/F or S/U or other grades

    We have already accounted for those grades and you will be given credit for the completion and mastery of the subject with whatever passing grade is on your transcript.

  • What if I haven’t done community service?

    This has been an unusual year we know that applicants will have different application materials than those who came before. That’s okay. We know that you may have had to work, help care for family members, we understand “stay at home orders”. We don’t expect that your service, leadership, participation in clubs and organized sports looks the same.

  • When can we come take a tour of campus?

    It is our goal to begin providing structured campus tours in December. We are working with members of our FIU medical community to establish campus tours which are safe and informative.

  • What if I can’t afford the application fee? How do I submit a fee waiver? How do I get an application fee waiver?

    Application fee waivers are provided to you from the College Board and ACT through the portal when you register for the standardized tests. In addition, if you qualify for free or reduced lunch, your HS counselor can provide you with a letter that will serve as an application fee waiver. We also accept NACAC and SCOIR waivers. Finally, if you don’t have any of these resources but have had a change in financial circumstances due to the pandemic, we will take a letter from your parent or guardian with a short statement regarding the change (job loss, medical bills, etc.). We in no way want the application fee to be a barrier.

  • How can I meet with someone from Admissions?

    FIU Admission staff is meeting with prospective students through remote resources including Zoom, Skype and Instagram Live. Contact your assigned Admission Recruiter. We are also hosting virtual information sessions and special events, please visit

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