Undergraduate Admissions & Appeals Committee

The FIU Admissions and Appeals Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators from across the university who take the time to review denied undergraduate applications on a case by case basis. Although GPA, test scores and academic performance are good measures of a student’s potential, we understand there are more subjective measures such as ambition, courage, perseverance and creativity that set you apart.

Appeal Process

The committee will do a holistic review of all applications looking for the following qualities:

  • Curriculum choice: Did you challenge yourself by taking more academic classes than electives? Or did you take advanced, honors, AP, IB, AICE or Dual Enrollment classes?
  • Special talents, achievements or accomplishments: Is there any work you are especially proud of? Did you excel in art, sports, a leadership position or community service?
  • Eloquence: Can you clearly and honestly explain what makes you a good candidate for FIU.

Denied Application Appeal

Denied undergraduate applicants are encouraged to appeal only if their test scores and/or grades have changed significantly or if they want to explain personal circumstances that may have affected their ability to meet admissions requirements. Appeal review requests can only be submitted by the applicant using their FIU credentials.

Submit an appeal by logging in to the link below with your Panther ID. If you have issues logging in you can get help logging in here.

Denied Admissions Appeal Form

Personal Statement

Students requesting appeal or additional review of their admissions status must submit a written statement including: 

  • Your goals and educational or professional objectives
  • A summary/explanation of past academic performance
  • Information and/or circumstances that may have affected past academic performance
  • Any other information the student wishes to have considered

Recommendation Letter

Students must also submit at least one signed letter of recommendation from individuals who know of and can attest to the student’s academic ability and/or potential such as teachers, counselors, mentors, tutors, advisors, former employers, etc.  Such letter(s) should not be a “form” letter, but should demonstrate direct knowledge of the student's achievements and/or difficulties.

Supporting Documents

When submitting an appeal, we strongly recommend that you update your application file with the following:

  • Any updated or new exam scores or transcripts missing from your file
  • First year student only: Retake the SAT or ACT to improve your score. If your scores do not meet the standard scores, take the PERT exam.

You may also submit any additional documentation that you feel provides additional support for you to be admitted and/or explains any difficulties that may have caused you not to meet the requirement for admission.

Please note: Applicants who were admitted and want to be considered for admission to a different semester should file a Pathway Placement Appeal (Example: Applied for Fall, was admitted to Early Fall.) and not a Denied Application Appeal.

Disability-related Appeal

Applicants whose education has been negatively impacted due to disability can disclose documentation to the Disability Resource Center. The Disability Resource Center will review documentation and notify the Admissions and Appeals Committee of the student's eligibility status, as well as potential accommodations that the student may be eligible to receive.

Disability Eligibility Review Form

Email documents for review along with the disability eligibility review form to drcereview@fiu.edu. Allow 7-14 business days for the Disability Resource Center to review documentation.

Pathway Placement Appeal

On your application please select your preferred term of entry—either early fall or fall. You will automatically be considered for all pathways and all terms. While we are transparent about the admission criteria for each term, we know that there are some circumstances where you need to begin either earlier or later.

We will begin accepting pathway placement appeal applications starting March 1st. 

The Office of Admissions will review all term change requests from March 13 through April 13. Students must submit a personal statement outlining the circumstances warranting the request along with any new test scores and updated transcripts. A holistic review process will be conducted, and students will be notified by email and in their My.FIU portal. Term changes are not automatic and are not guaranteed.  To submit a pathway placement appeal please visit go.fiu.edu/pathwayappeal.  

Graduate Admissions Appeal

An applicant whose application for a graduate program is denied but who meets published graduate program minimum admission standards is allowed to seek the reason for the rejection in writing and request that it be reconsidered for admission. The applicant may request reconsideration by written petition to the University within thirty (30) days of the date of denial. The route for reconsideration is first to the graduate program of interest, then to the dean of the appropriate School or College and finally to the Dean of the University Graduate School. The Dean of the University Graduate School makes the final decision